In memory of Ruth DeHart  

Dr. Ruth DeHart was a charter member of the Houston Gerontological Society (HGS).  Her focus throughout her long association with HGS was to passionately promote the education and professional growth of the many disciplines that encompass the field of gerontology.

She was a prolific writer who contributed to many HGS newsletters by producing many educational articles that spanned the diverse interests of the HGS membership and the community at large.


For an employee who wishes to obtain a license or certification in an area of gerontology.

This award honors the work of the late and a founder of HGS, Dr. Ruth DeHart, who tirelessly promoted the interdisciplinary field of gerontology in Houston through her efforts to join the related disciplines of medicine, nursing, and social work, including administrators, educators, therapists, and students for the betterment of the aging people of Houston and those who serve them.


This scholarship offers financial support to persons committed to embarking upon, or seeking to advance, a career in aging and is directed toward persons with a history of successful employment or volunteer work in some aspect of eldercare. The purpose of this scholarship should be used to support further education that focuses on the many different fields of aging, primarily, but is not limited to supporting a nursing assistant who wishes to become certified or a housekeeper wishing to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).